Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mom! Newspaper Story Yesterday

72-year-old woman succeeds at holding crippling disease at bay

BLOOMINGTON -- Dee Werry walked from the leg extension machine to the leg curl machine. She was stooped forward and to the left side and took small steps. But that didn’t slow her down. As she walked determinedly from machine to machine — while chatting with her attentive personal trainer, Chris Hallam, who walked beside her — fellow exercisers less than half her age spotted her, smiled and stepped out of her way.

It’s Dee-Time at Gold’s Gym in Bloomington. Dee-Time is 1:30 to about 5 p.m. almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when the 72-year-old Bloomington woman is at the fitness center to lift weights, walk up stairs, stretch and do water exercises.

“People look forward to seeing Dee walk through those doors,” said Shannon Wahls, 37, of Bloomington, who befriended Werry about a year ago after they began working out at about the same time. “If it’s 1:40 and she’s not here, we start to wonder ‘Where’s Dee?’”

But Werry is more than a nice older woman who weight lifts. The retired businesswoman exercises to battle a rare disease. And she’s succeeding.

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