Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Call to Christians (followers of the Christ of Christmas):

In the wake of the annual flood of anti-Christmas or pro-Christmas rhetoric that happens every year at this time, and the all too natural motivation to retaliate and make a statement of strength, I'm asking you to do something radical and risky - but very Christian.

Let's demonstrate the spirit of Christmas by spending more, not less, at the stores that are taking Christ out of Christmas.

Let's demonstrate the love of Christ and the Spirit of Christ by loving them unconditionally because our Lord "while we were yet sinners" [i.e. taking Him out of our entire life not just Christmas], He died for us.

But let's not necessarily shift our spending from Christ honoring stores. Let's demonstrate stunning grace and not make any stores demonstrate faith in exchange for our love and witness. Let's sacrificially demonstrate our love for the employees of the stores dishonoring Christ by spending something there, too. Let's all make a special effort to buy something from one of these stores and give what we buy to a Christ honoring charity.

Let the world know us by our love.

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