Monday, October 26, 2009

Markers, Milestones, & Memories: a Walk in the Woods

Sam and I went hiking today in the woods. We followed some trails and had a real good time exploring on our adventure. As we went, we periodically arranged pine cones in the shape of an arrow along the path to point our way back out of the woods and to help us remember which way to go when the path forked.

When it was time to turn around and head back, it was very comforting and reassuring to see our markers that we'd left to help us find our way out.

As we worked our way along the path, I told him the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who built altars or piles of stones to record milesones on their journey with God. I described how comforting it must have been for them to come back across one of their markers and be reminded of the promises of God and to recall what they were doing at the time they constructed it.

It was one of the those unplanned moments where a spontaneous devotional just came out and it blessed both of us.

In the future, I think I can have fun with this devotional as I expand on the idea and help prepare Sam for a lifetime journey with our God.

What a joy it was to remember along the way ...

Heavenly Father, I pray that you make today's field trip a marker in Sam's mind that he will remember all his life and that he will frequently put down markers to help him recall and recount his journey with you.


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